Our comprehensive, immersive process allows you to be as creative as you want to design your new home or any other project. We have the design experts on staff who will walk you through the entire process to develop a unique design scheme that matches your style and personality throughout your entire home.
We Specialize In New Home Construction, Renovations, Developments And Commercial Projects. Once we understand your goals and directives we create a comprehensive scope of work, budget and schedule. After this we can submit for permits and move forward into construction. Building or renovating a home is no small undertaking. We recognize and respect this, making the commitment to give you clarity and simplify the process through our online project management tools. Transparency and communication will keep you informed and in control so you can have peace of mind throughout the entire process.
The project team will get together to discuss and plan. Additionally, the team is doing its best to solve any issues that could have arisen. In this way, they can be assured that the project will continue exactly as it should and that everyone can remain on budget.
The design is placed in use during the execution or development process. During the execution phase, there are two separate processes: execution and monitoring / control. It is a challenging stage of your project where project managers and other team members ensure that your construction project follows the requirements and plans that have been set.
As soon as the project’s construction phase is complete, there are a few items that still need to be completed.Building projects will end up being messy several times over. That’s why the project manager will take care of any possible conflicts or warranty problems that may occur in the post-build process.
Meridian Homes follows just one iron-clad rule about estimating – “no surprises.” Meridian's budgets are detailed and cover all construction costs, including permitting and inspection fees. Our project managers and cost engineers have emphasized training in this area. We expect similar clarity and detail from subcontractors. One of the reasons customers trust Meridian is that they quickly learn they can trust Meridian's estimating. Ultimately, the estimating process allows Meridian to establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) that we will then use to create a detailed cash flow forecast and construction schedule. Meridian Home estimators continuously update their knowledge of construction materials and processes to improve efficiency and accuracy.